Cover your eyes and look away,
pretend you did not see.
pretend you saw my mask,
and did not see the real me.

just forget what you saw,
pretend I am okay.
pretend you didn’t see it,
just turn and walk away.

pretend that I am normal,
but we both know I’m not.
and if someone asks you about me,
pretend that you forgot.

pretend things are the same,
just do it for my sake.
pretend I want to live,
even if I do not wake.

lie for me and smile,
pretend everything is fine.
pretend that I am happy
and that I am alright.

pretend you did not see,
and pretend every thing is okay.
pretend I want to live,
and I want to find my way.


What is love?!.

What is love?
A constantly asked question.

Some say love is just an emotion.
Sure, but is that all?

I say, love is a gift.

A gift from one heart to another.

It is something to keep and to cherish.

Not throw away like some worthless piece of paper.

It can be painful at time,

But for the remainding, it is beautiful, everlasting, and forever.

It is never selfish or greedy.

Mean or cheating.

What ever you do,

Never throw away love

when you come across it.

Whatever the obstacles,

Hold on tightly and never let go.



The Power Of Love…

The power of a wind can chill.
The power of a fire can burn.
The power of a gun can kill.

The power of a mind can learn.

The power of anger can deep inside

Until it tears you apart…

But only the power of your love
Can melt my cold heart.

Love Conquers All…

When the times are tough and when the winds blow
Love conquers all and it continues to show

When no one cares and the world is bleak

Love conquers all for those who seek

A love so true that the angels sing
This feeling I have can only be one thing

An undying love that withstand anything that is seen
The good times, the bad times and everything in between

So when people say it s over, don t believe what they say
Because love conquers all, come what may.

Loneliness’s definition…

Loneliness is darkness

A never-ending night.

Even though the black won’t go away,
You’ll never fall asleep.
Because loneliness sparks a fear
And unlike other nightmares
Awakening will not vanish it;
For the darkness is too strong
To allow any rest.
It makes memories into ghosts
And dreams into spirits.
Too vague to remember
Too important to forget.


I thought of you today
but thats nothing new
I thought of you yesterday
and the day before that too
for everyday no matter where
In my heart youll always be there
today, tomorrow, my whole life through
I will never stop loving you!

Not Perfect

Don’t let the vague darkness give blindness in your eyes;
Let your heart illuminates both the beauty and the lies.

You won’t last in this life not reading between the lines;
And getting conquered with pain,
With all those hurtful cries.
The life ain’t perfect,
In mind, a thought to keep;
There are times you’ll have no choice
But to pray wind your hands leaped.
Be prepared for surprises for events may quickly flip;
Or else you’ll lose your grip and far away you’ll slip.

The Roller Coaster Life…

We are just in a whole crazy,
Perplexing roller coaster ride;
When we have problems,
We are at the downside.
But sure, the time will come
When with the sky we’ll collide;
Where the good feelings came
And the pain will all subside.
So when the time comes
you are going to fall;
You should always know
That He’s the one to call.
Eventually, you’ll soar up;
The wheels will start to roll;
‘Till you reach the peak,
and You’ll be standing tall.


Life changes in every second
We never know what will happen
We smile
We cry
We win
We lose
It turn around so quickly
That’s why life is a subtly puzzle…
Strong wind or friendly breeze
Hard rain and little drizzles
Burning rays of sun or cool moonlight
Add so much wonder to our life
We come
We go
We arrived
And we departure from the world
In this little we live
Amidst Birth and Death.

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