When will the game end??

Sometimes you like a game and love playing it but never know when will it end! You may think that this game is unending so you even start liking it more and more. But what do you feel when you find that the game all at once disappears and ends from your life? You will … Continue reading When will the game end??


The Journey of the Dead

Sometimes a person may start losing the ability to feel what is happening around him or start to not care about it anymore. What makes a person become like that? I guess he kills his heart because he finds out that everyone around him has a semi killed heart that is they never show their … Continue reading The Journey of the Dead

العاشق المجنون 

انت الشمس التي تنير نهاري انت القمر الذي ينير ليلي انت الأنوار التي تنير دربي كم اتمني ان لا اري غيرك في حياتي انت الشخص الذي تمنيته طوال حياتي كيف لي ان لا ابقي بجانبكي انت لا يوجد لك مثيل و لن يوجد في هذه الحياة قلبكي ينير من كثرة الحب الذي موجود بداخله سأحزن … Continue reading العاشق المجنون