How to be a Real Human Being?!

A human is a communicating animal as all scientists said. What does this mean? It means that the difference between an animal and a human being is that  human beings could communicate together this the meaning in a literal way. But these words of course has a wider and a deeper meaning I guess it is: “a human is a human being when he can express himself in all ways of communicating and uses his mind to think about and to understand everything around him or her” and this is  the meaning of the word “human” in philosophy so if he don’t have these meanings inside himself he shouldn’t be even called as a human. Because animals do communicate together.

A human being could express himself with one of two ways the first which is used much wider speaking and the second which is used a little bit fewer than the first is writing. In my opinion writing is much more deeper and stronger in communicating and delivering the idea. But not every one has the ability or the skill to use it in expressing himself. 

But the most important for a human to be a human is to think not just do as others do, to share his thoughts with others, see their opinions ,and learn from their experiences but actually all of this changed. People see thinkers as unsocial people and they are not even humans. But actually are the right humans because they think but they see that sharing their thoughts with people who will never understand so it is of no use. And most people are of this kind these days.

A real human being must be a thinker and thinkers don’t speak a lot they do more than they speak and that what makes them different from others and people start to consider them unsocial but actually they aren’t as they say instead they are are doing what makes them humans.


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