The Journey of the Dead

Sometimes a person may start losing the ability to feel what is happening around him or start to not care about it anymore. What makes a person become like that? I guess he kills his heart because he finds out that everyone around him has a semi killed heart that is they never show their sadness or sorrow for him instead they show him that they are happy even when he istotally sad from the inside. So he decides to treat people the same way they treat him with. You may find him when a person who is close to him dies he is just laughing and showing any sadness, or you can just see him laughing without any reason people start seeing him a crazy person and that is somehow true. Why is that true? It is true because his senses got mixed up together because of the people around him. The only thing that will him back to norm is to find a person that loves him and understands him” that person should understand when he is sad or happy and always try to make him feel better” this make find love inside himself so that he returns to his normal. He starts to cry when he is sad and laugh when he is happy. All of this change just happened when he found a person who shares him love. So love is the strongest feeling a person could experience in all of his life. So imagine how a person could live without love!! In fact a person without love is not living and many do commit suicide just because he can’t find around him because everyone really loved him or cared around him just died. So my advice to you if you couldn’t find love around yourself try to at least love yourself because if you live without love you are dead.


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