To My Self

I have been writing this since so long. Why did it take that long? It took that long because each time I started writing it I didn’t have anything to write about. EXACTLY like this time. But maybe I decided to write it and complete it this time so that I could get in to something new. But what is different this time from all its precedents is that I am feeling super free. Because I just broke through all the barriers I built since a millennia. How did I do that? I just don’t know. All what I know is that I stood in front of a mirror and looked at myself is this what you want to be like?? My answer was “HELL NO” so I decided to change I decided to clean up and throw it away each sand particle I saw on myself. Because I felt that I started to lose my identity. My identity is the thing that makes me myself. My identity is the thing that defines me. My identity is everything I have and should keep safe even from my own self. Why did I broke these barriers? Because I felt they were starting to choke me destroying all the dreams in front of me. They made me feel as if I was an extremely thirsty traveler who sees the mirage as water but every time I think I was neer the water I didn’t find anything. What did these barriers do is that they made me see my future as vague as an empty glass of water when seen from away for a thirsty person. So I decided to break these barriers and admit that I broke these barriers and nothing will never ever keep me trapped inside it again. Why did I write all of this? Just to say a single thing “never change for people be yourself and never say never”

But first like yourself.


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