What is personality? A personality is the thing that defines a person, his acts, his thoughts , and everything about him. Personality is just a big, huge term that has many meanings under it. You can know a person’s personality from his actions, and his words. But how does a person get his personality? A person may go through ups and downs through out his life and these ups and downs help reshape his personality. For instance a person may love someone a decide a decide to be explicit and tell that someone about his love but when that someone just embarrass him that my change his personality from a loving one into a misanthropic one a person who hates everyone, other people may change their personalities for people to like them but that is never true if a person has a personality he should never change except if he finds a blemish in his personality.

Personality has many definitions everyone in the world has his own definition for this very important term which actually may define a person’s life. What was stated above is my own definition, but in philosophy personality has a more general definition which is “Personality is nothing more than a person’s idea about how to live”. In my opinion this definition is just so general that if understood wrong it would be interpreted that for example the way you eat is part of your personality but ofcourse that isn’t what is meant by how to live. 

“PERSONALITY is not an easy word to understand it is a great expression that has many things under it” that what was said by one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Socrates.


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