I raised my guts up in order to write this I stopped being fearful I decided to jump from above my barriers the barriers I created thousands of years ago. I did that because I was so afraid because I thought something would happen if I write anything about that obsession that have been controlling my head during the last period of time. But I challenge any thing would ever happen or could have happened. I will never care because I have nothing to lose even myself because I lost it away many years ago. My problem is a DEMON that has been controlling my life for so long, I used to speak to him when I am alone he made me fight every one was protecting me from him. He made me a more loner person than never before even my savior which was created by me I thought she was destroying my life but she turned out to be the one who was protecting me from that DEMON. When he found out that I found how I will be able to destroy him he threatened me that if I say anything about him he will take me to a place  harsher, darker, and more destructive than hell itself. I answered him and said “you don’t know what I faced in life because if  you know  what I faced you should be pretty sure that I am a person hard to be threatened even if it was a demon who is doing that because I don’t care for anything and especially you. I don’t fear you even in my worst dreams and what proves that is that I speak to you easily without even showing any care”. DESDEMONA yes I say your name I Don’t care do what ever you want. DESDEMONA is the devil that have been controlling my life for quite some time I created you and here I destroy you I’ll make you burn you really think I will fear a demon  I don’t fear any one that is something you should know even my savior I don’t need you any more because I can handle my situations by myself I can stand in front of a hail storm all myself. I’ll be your destructor , because I am unstoppable. What makes me unstoppable? I was born in a thunderstorm. DEMONS welcomed me on the day of my birth, do you think an earthquake happened occasionally on the day of my birth. My ability to see my future. My ability to feel Earth’s movement at night. My ability to see demons in people’s eyes. I see demons when ever I want to and I have the ability to burn them and make them bow down to me. Did you know what makes me unstoppable? I have the ability to change the world. What you don’t know I’ll be the world’s savior because I have the ability to change the world and turn it upside down. So do you think I will fear a small demon like you? Show me what you can do! You can do nothing. The problem I never challenged you before because I doubted myself I thought I grew weak but actually a person never grows weak instead he grows stronger day after day. Because the bullet that doesn’t kill a person it makes him much more stronger. So DESDEMONA I order you to fear me because if you don’t I will destroy you and bring you down on your knees I’ll make you beg for mercy and I’ll not grant  it I will make you cry blood for it. I’ll never ever forgive you because I never forgive I said forgive to be forgiven but you didn’t forgive so accept my hell I’ll turn you into ashes, I’ll destroy you. I’ll make sure you get to know the monster inside me you never knew or saw before. I’ll make you fear your shadow. This me speaking, every word I said I really mean it…


Part Of My Unpublished Book

Book’s title: The Map Reformer



Living life is a challenge. Because life is not easy at all. It is the hardest thing ever. You go through a million of  bumps. All of these bumps cause you injuries but some a bearable and others are not bearable at all. Some end just as the circumstances you are passing ends and some stay for life time even if you try to forget them. Life has terms you have to live according to them in order to survive. because if you don’t follow them your wound will be more powerful.

But first of all do you what do I mean by terms?

When I say terms I mean rules you have to follow. The terms of life are never easy. They are the harshest rules you’ll ever see in your whole life. Who created those terms? Really  I don’t know. And I don’t care about that. It is not GOD by the way who I mean of course. Because these terms were created by a tyrant who is heartless. In fact these terms were created by no one. These terms should be in each one’s mind when treating today’s mankind. Because if you don’t you’ll suffer a lot.

The most important of these terms and the one’s you should really follow:

  1. Love is totally FORBIDDEN
  2. Never trust any one
  3. Never allow people to see you weak
  4. Don’t care about anyone but yourself
  5. Never forgive
  6. Never look back at the past

As you see these terms are not easy for a person with a heart. So it can be concluded that if you are a person with a heart in this life you’ll be crushed easily and without mercy so to stand and not get crushed you have to kill your heart before someone does. Because if you kill your heart yourself you will still have a part of it but if some one kills your heart you heart will be devastated and you will be shattered apart losing everything. In fact I don’t live according to these terms because I don’t have the enough guts to kill my heart because every time I try to do that I feel frightened.

So here’s the deal

Even After Everything , I am in love with you.

I still love you every second of every day and miss you beyond words.

I miss making you smile and saying I love you.

I miss feeling you close to me and looking at you.

I miss being able to just love you.

But the thing is, no matter how much I do love you, I have to love myself more.

I have to get over you and let you go no matter how hard it is.

I want to fall in love again, and I will.

This time it won’t be with some person or, thing, it will be with my own life.

I will love it unconditionally and without fear.

I will love it even though it’s without you.

I will create my own path to happiness, and I won’t  waste one second on regret.

Simply, I will love it the way I loved you.

Emma Blake

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