Unlock the Curtains

I am not smart, I am not cool, I am not great, I am just normal. I breathe like normal, I drink like normal, I eat like normal, I almost do everything like normal. When I look back toward my life I find that I never had a friend normally. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t look carefully as someone did say to me once. That someone is actually someone I respect, and always think about every word he says I used to see him as a friend but I don’t what happened he got into a plane and flew away and that away is so so far. I wish to tell him how much I do miss him. And I wish that he forgives me if I did make him sad any time before. I want to tell him that I see his smile in the stars when I look at them. How?  When I see the stars shining in the sky I understand that he is smiling and when I don’t see a single star shining I understand that he is sad. The stars are shining today I guess he is smiling. So my dear friend I really miss you. You were my first real friend and I guess maybe the last. 

Thanks for being a good friend


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