Living life is a challenge. Because life is not easy at all. It is the hardest thing ever. You go through a million of  bumps. All of these bumps cause you injuries but some a bearable and others are not bearable at all. Some end just as the circumstances you are passing ends and some stay for life time even if you try to forget them. Life has terms you have to live according to them in order to survive. because if you don’t follow them your wound will be more powerful.

But first of all do you what do I mean by terms?

When I say terms I mean rules you have to follow. The terms of life are never easy. They are the harshest rules you’ll ever see in your whole life. Who created those terms? Really  I don’t know. And I don’t care about that. It is not GOD by the way who I mean of course. Because these terms were created by a tyrant who is heartless. In fact these terms were created by no one. These terms should be in each one’s mind when treating today’s mankind. Because if you don’t you’ll suffer a lot.

The most important of these terms and the one’s you should really follow:

  1. Love is totally FORBIDDEN
  2. Never trust any one
  3. Never allow people to see you weak
  4. Don’t care about anyone but yourself
  5. Never forgive
  6. Never look back at the past

As you see these terms are not easy for a person with a heart. So it can be concluded that if you are a person with a heart in this life you’ll be crushed easily and without mercy so to stand and not get crushed you have to kill your heart before someone does. Because if you kill your heart yourself you will still have a part of it but if some one kills your heart you heart will be devastated and you will be shattered apart losing everything. In fact I don’t live according to these terms because I don’t have the enough guts to kill my heart because every time I try to do that I feel frightened.


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