My Little Secret!!

I woke up a bit early or really I suffer a problem I hardly sleep at night. And I was feeling bored so I decided to write because this is the thing that breaks my bore. Because it is something I enjoy. For me writing is the best thing in the world because it gives me the ability to calm and be with myself and go to another world. A place that is so far no one could ever imagine. Somewhere I feel my self doing everything I wish to do. It is not dream land because I am totally awake and I feel everything. I enjoy writing. I have always loved reading. I loved to read what is written by Charles Dickens, William Shekspear, William Folknor, and many many more. I always wondered what made them write. When I started writing I understood. They wrote because it was something made them unique. They were casted away by the society and that made them look for something so that they find themselves in and that what made them write and their writings made them achieve everyone’s love and respect to this day. People consider them unsocial why? Just because they devoted their life for something they love and everyone will remember them for. Writing is like magic it treats almost every kind of pain. Feeling sad or happy I write because I throw out my feelings on the paper. The paper never gets bored from me neither do I get bored from her(The paper). Don’t be surprised I did refer to the paper with her because I see the paper a human being because it understands me and takes all my troubles and solves them all without my feeling. Writing isn’t a normal hobby it is a whole life. A life that I always wished to have but never found until I started writing.



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