I Forgot!!!


 Dear Readers,

I know it’s been so long since the last time I wrote, but I am sorry. But actually I wasn’t quiet in the mood, I was feeling extremely bored. But today something different happened I just got immediately into the mood of writing so I decided to write. But I decided to begin with an apology for all the time that passed without writing. What made that happen to me was that I was thinking about someone who don’t earn anything from my care or my thinking. But he is kicked out right now because I decided to forget him. I didn’t forget him totally but I decided to at least stop thinking about him. I will never forget him because he changed me, how did he do that? He cured me from my schizophrenia I wish I could thank him the proper way. But he staped me in the back and left away and left me with many things never allowing me to stop thinking about him. I am sure he will not read this but I wanted to tell him that I finally returned to my self. And by the way I ofcourse forgive him. I am saying “I am back”. And I am happy for my come back. I returned the person I always wished to be since so long. I found self peace I was looking for since so long.

I am cured…


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