Nowhere is everywhere!

I know that fate has spread thorns on my way but I am stubborn.                                                      

I intervene with the fate.

I will not stop if it tries to  stop me, or even try to make me fall, I’ll keep on rising.

I will break the traps and spread my wings,    use all your power, but I would happily be beheaded than bow down 

As much as there is fire in the deserts, my blood boils in these veins hotter than that fire my ambition never stops.   

I like being silent,                                                        But I have been silent for long                                                   

I kept on tolerating but I can’t withstand anymore 

there are hundred question             

there are hundred condemnations                 

there is a lot of soot covering me

Someday my punishment will end but I will never forgive…


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