Have You Ever Wondered?!.

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel like a stranger? Like a fish out of water Like a tear drop in a loud laughter Like love in a heart of a hater! Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel lost? Like a drop in the ocean Like a needle … Continue reading Have You Ever Wondered?!.


What would you think?!.

Would you laugh at me if I told you that I like you? Would you make fun of me if I told you about those feelings I have for you? Would you turn me down? Would you ask me to stay? Or would you push me away? Would you think I'm crazy to show? Would … Continue reading What would you think?!.


Courage is the strength to stand up When it's easier to fall down and lose hold. It is the conviction to explore new horizons When it's easier to believe what we've been told. Courage is the desire to maintain our integrity When it's easier to look the other way. It is feeling happy and alive, … Continue reading Courage…

كلمة احبك تعني الكثير

كلمة لست أدري كيف أقولها  لكنني أدركت أني قائلها نفسي تهواكي و تهوى لقياكي تحن لكي و تنجذب من أعماقها كأني وثني للوثن عابد مسحور أعشق ضحكاتها أهيم في حركاتها و سكناته أهيم فيها و أعشق ذاتها لست في الحب ندا لها ولكنني هائم في حبها متيم ولهان سكران بها قد مرضت بها خرقتي كل … Continue reading كلمة احبك تعني الكثير