Life changes in every second
We never know what will happen
We smile
We cry
We win
We lose
It turn around so quickly
That’s why life is a subtly puzzle…
Strong wind or friendly breeze
Hard rain and little drizzles
Burning rays of sun or cool moonlight
Add so much wonder to our life
We come
We go
We arrived
And we departure from the world
In this little we live
Amidst Birth and Death.



Somebody did a golden deed;
Somebody proved a friend in need;

Somebody sang a beautiful song;

Somebody smiled the whole day long,

Somebody thought, “This’s sweet to live”;

Somebody said, “I’m glad to give”;

Somebody fought a valiant fight;

Somebody lived to shield the right;

Was the “somebody” you?

Nothing but…

Who was I?

Nothing but a breeze in your face,

Nothing but a speck in your mind,

Nothing but your old yesterday,

Nothing but your easy goodbye,

Who were you?

Nothing but the light to my sun,

Nothing but my world in my eyes,

Nothing but my heart in your hands,

Nothing but my life in your arms,

I was nothing to you,

You were everything to me.

A broken girl…

She cried out for help but no one came,
once again they ignored her cry.
and now thanks to their deafened ears,
she took her life and choose to die.

She was never really heard or seen,
and still no one person cared.
No one though it would end this way,
no one thought that she would dare.

When they heard this girl was dead,
they all searched for a face.
But all they found was an empty seat,
which used to be her place.

If only someone had smiled once,
that girl may still be here today.
Maybe if someone had spoken to her,
she would have found her way.

But everyone was too self involved,
they couldn’t give a damn about this girl.
And now thanks to their selfishness,
a broken girl has left this world.


Inspired by the great novel “13 reasons why.”…


I’m scratching away my tears,
I’m laughing out my pain.
I’m falling to my knees,
and I’m all alone again.

I’m spitting out my frustration,
I’m drowning in my cries.
I’m screaming out my torment,
and I’m burning in your lies.

I’m living in my heartache,
I’m singing out my lies.
I’m dying from the memories,
and saying our goodbyes.

I’m cleaning out my memories,
I’m going to try and start anew.
and now that you are finally gone,
i know its something i can do.


I’m fighting and I’m losing,
trying my hardest to be strong.
I’m falling and I’m failing,
being proven that I’m wrong.

I’m screaming and I’m choking,
falling to my knees and crying.
I’m lying and I’m pretending,
but deep down I know I’m dying.

I’m running and I’m frightened,
I have already lost the fight.
I’m slowing and I’m stopping,
giving it the greatest delight.

My Request…

When I met you…

I never thought I would love you…

I never thought I’d need you…

But as the days went by…

You made me love you…

in every simple thing you do…

in every word you say…

now I can’t escape…

I’ve given you all of me…

I’ve given everything…

nothing was left for me…

Sometimes I thought it was just a big mistake…

Sometimes it’s just a nightmare…

Sometimes I regret…

but then again…

I don’t…

‘Cause I love you…

and I’m willing to give everything…


just to make you stay…

So please stay…


I sit here and wonder… If life is really worth living…

Because no one EVER feels like giving…

Giving the time to ask how I am.

They ALL act like they don’t give a damn.

I know I’ve made a mistake,

And now my LIFE I WANT to TAKE!

I don’t know whether or not you’ll forgive me,

Because I know I can’t forgive myself…so please let me be.

I know I disappointed you,

But I know you will get through!

The LAST thing I have to say:


And that will always stay! I’m sorry….



You and I alone tonight

Holding one another tight

Warmth against the cooling night

Waiting for the morning’s light.


My lips touch your lovely face

Passion from our first embrace

Pulses which begin to race

Thrilling from the hectic pace.


Fingers now caress your skin

Actions speak the words within

My mind, my soul begins to spin

For it is you I want to win.


Feel the beauty that is you

Feel how good it could be, too

Let go today, surrender to

The magic that is me and you.


Flowing like a raging stream

Feelings cause my heart to scream

I know our hearts will never team

Except for here… within my dream

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